Bury – Complicated archaeological and flooding issues were overcome to create a bespoke laboratory facility for a science-based service company.

Working closely with Bury Council helped deliver a highly specialised and bespoke office and laboratory facility for an independent, science-based service company providing chemical, biochemical and DNA based analysis.

Complicated archaeological and flooding issues could have stymied this site, but a specialised planning team was established to work in partnership with the Environment Agency and Bury Council so that the occupier could remain in the town helping retain and create numerous highly skilled jobs.

The occupier later described the accommodation as ‘second to none’.

Assisted Living

Sandbach, Cheshire – Change of use of a court building to deliver assisted living residential accommodation.

Various speculative uses were considered for the site and in doing so, negotiations commenced, and a subject to planning sale concluded, with a national provider of assisted living residential accommodation for vulnerable adults.

Day Care Nursery

Bury, Lancashire – A flexible approach enabled the delivery of a state of the art children’s day care nursery.

A challenging set of locational and site issues resulted in a difficult planning process for a convenience store. Planning permission was eventually granted on the site but during discussions with various national retail operators, the site proposals were significantly changed to accommodate a bespoke children’s day care nursery.

It was necessary to adopt a joint planning strategy with the end user so that an implementable detailed permission could be easily obtained and the site eventually sold.